All of my knives are hand made by me here in my shop in NW Montana, utilizing high carbon steels for the vast majority of my blades, most commonly 1075, 1084, 1080CRV2, 1095, 01 and AEB-L Stainless on request.

I use only premium, professionally manufactured or stabilized handle materials which are selected for both aesthetic appeal and durability. All of my blades are hand rubbed to a finish that is appealing, functional, and easily maintained with minimal care and maintenance. Custom leather sheaths by Claude Scott are hand made for each knife on an individual basis for a custom fit and finish. 

I guarantee my work to be free from mechanical defects under normal usage and will repair or replace such a knife or problem as necessary, as long as I make knives. Natural handle materials such as stag, bone, wood, pearl and ivory may shrink, crack, and/or discolor with change in temperature or humidity or age. This is normal wear and tear and, like all normal wear and tear, is not covered under this warranty. I do not cover knives damaged from abuse, misuse, accidents, neglect or loss so be sure to use the right tool for the job. 

Thanks for looking,

Kelly Frasier